Pilates is designed for all abilities of any age with a specially compiled workout that can be achieved in the comfort of your own home or in the studio.

Combining the correct use of breathing with spinal and pelvic alignement, this discipline strengthens the core, realigning the skeleton and maintaining the body in a functional way with focus on joint mobility and core strength.



If you have ever wanted to achieve your flat stomach the this is the workout for you!

Pilates is famous for developing a strong 'core' with particular focus on the centre of the body. Developing these muscles through controlled work on the lower abdominals, and strengthening the lower back.


With a Private 1-2-1 session you will work on elements to address underlying inbalances which can cause the pain.With a workout made specifically for each client, you will be able to maintain a lifelong regime that fits around your shedule.

Pilates clients find this workout invaluble for a safer more efficient way to move with ease and correct posture for all stages of life.


Pilates is extensively used in rehabilitation of injury. Due to its increasing popularity for prevention and recovery of injury, it is now included as a key discipline in many athlete regimes.

The design of pilates works to maintain balance in ALL muscles, conditioning the body to perform with greater ease and mobility in day to day activities.


These classes focus on the main principles to encourage and maintain natural movement of the bod, focusing on breath, strength, balance and flexibility in order to reach your individual goal.


you can exercise while working around your busy lifestyle. We will work on the main principles to encourage and maintain natural movement of the body, focusing on breath, strength, balance and flexibility in order to reach your individual goal.


This is a great way for people to meet in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, leaving feeling energised and mobile.

Why not get together with your friends and make it a date!

The new ultimate workout, Barre is the favourite amongst the stars for that all over sleek body tone

What BARRE is all about....

This popular class has stormed London and America, combining elements of Ballet, Pilates and Yoga to produce this highly effective workout for all ages and abilities. The technique of Barre focuses on conditioning with low impact, isometric work, to tone and sculpt the body whilst strengthening and flattening the abs. Improved posture, increased flexibility and reduce stress.

Leaping Dancer 1213


'DANCE MIX' Lissie Connor Dance offer a mix of fun and energetic classes across Newcastle and Gateshead incorporating pop, street, and musical favourites for ages 3-8 years and 8-13 years Please get in touch for term dates or to book your place!

DANCE PARTY Have a special occasion for your little ones? If you have any little budding dancers, then this is the party idea for you....Get them active and dancing to their favourite pop song by organising your very own dance party!

For Birthdays and celebrations keep the kids entertained with Lissie Connor Dance- Just pick your track and we will choreograph and teach a bespoke dance routine for fun and entertainment that they will remember forever.For prices, themes and to book your date, please visit our contact page.

Curriculum dance:

With extensive experience in educational dance and creativity, Lissie knows the importance of inclusive arts for our curriculum.

Lissie Connor Dance provides educational workshops and dance classes to many schools in the Newcastle and Gateshead area working from primary up to GCSE and A Level Dance.

Could your school benefit from extra curriculum dance?

Are you looking for a curriculum class to work alongside and compliment your current subject?

Or an after school club?

Whatever you need there is an option to suit your schools needs

  • Dance lessons which link in with the PE Curriculum objectives.
  • Theme/ topic-related units.
  • Primary and secondary level.
  • BTEC, GCSE and A Level Dance support
  • Practical support/inspirational for class teachers.
  • Confidence building and teamwork skills for the children.
  • Building on skills and developing techniques.
  • Developping creative, performance and choreographic skills.
  • Promoting a healthy, active lifestyle